Lee JungShin’s Birthday Tweet

Posted: September 15, 2011 in My Goddess & CN Blue
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My Goddess – Lee JungShin tweet on his birthday wishes


안녕하세요 정신입니다! 오늘은 제 생일이에요~ 축하해주시는분들이 많아서 너무 기쁘고 감사드려요 그리고 자주 못뵈서 죄송한 부모님! 멋진 형! 사랑합니다! 여러분~ 콘서트에서 뵈요!http://twitpic.com/6l6h4b

–> Hello, I’m Jung Shin. This is my birthday. There’re plenty of happiness you all give to me. I’m glad and very thank you all.

And I’m sorry that we hardly met- my dad, mum, and smart brother. I love you. See you all in concert !


And now I wanna say this to you…(again)

Be my brighter shining star.

Be more beautiful criminal (suffocating me).

Then I’ll always be under your magic.

Happy Birthday…~My Goddess~


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