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CN Blue’s first Japanese major debut single was unofficially released.

Our boys show their energy to rock the world…lol




CN Blue revealed their Japan major debut single with charismatic pic

“In My Head”

CN Blue’s Japan major debut single.

On sale on Oct 19th,2011.

Awesome Korean boys in J-Rock world…lol

Before I can be seeped in with atmosphere of  my fav band – Linkin Park – ‘s concert.

Japanese LP fan gets me more and more jealous with their luckiness.

My 2 most fav bands will be at the same concert to make high temperature in Mukahari Messe, Japan.

According to FNC Music Japan’s tweet, CN Blue will be the opening act for Linkin Park concert in Japan, held on this (Sat.) Sep 10, 2011.

So let’s be seeped in with the charismatic band in “Intuition”


And another show with JongHyun’s Japanese-deep voice in “Lie”


Almost forgot, CN Blue is under label of Warner Music Japan. That’s why they’re gonna appear in LP show as opening act.  lol