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Staggering Across the Finish Line..

Sometimes and somehow, I felt disappointed in my heart-taking band — Linkin Park.

As many of fans do, I feel not so good with their changes in music. But their great+enthusiastic+exerting shows always make much much more affection and adoration.

Moreover, their loyalty in fans still pay them back with fans’ loyalty — as same as me, pay to them.

In Mike Shinoda’s blog was filled with his mind that he gives to his fans all over the world.

What makes me so impressed is what he talked about their hard time in Bangkok [Thailand], and at the same time, encouragement was shown to them in this place.

Such a appreciative quote.



After Linkin Park show “Linkin Park Returns To Bangkok” on Sep 23rd, 2011 night, there’re many impressive pic.

2 kick-ass Thai bands give us great show as opening acts, then LP snap us with their powerful show with C7 set list (somes are cut with some problems)

No surprise that they still are fav band of fans over the world…lol


The most surprise I had is Mike and Chester’s “wai” (thai greeting), even I was waiting for their “Sawaddee Krab”, this more satisfy me ^^

No need to talk about a little management problem.

For those who committed for Linkin Park “Returns To Bangkok” concert on Sep 23th, 2011.

You may need these maps and transportation venues.

Roughly, Aktiv Square is opposite to Impact Arena hall.

All you need to do is just to take one of public transportation services to Impact-Muang Thong Thani and find Impact Arena, then you’ll find yourself being opposite to the open space like parking lot. And that’s the place where LP’ll snap at you…lol

For more details, click below for pdf files


LP@Aktiv Square_map


Thank you and other websites for these maps.

Before I can be seeped in with atmosphere of  my fav band – Linkin Park – ‘s concert.

Japanese LP fan gets me more and more jealous with their luckiness.

My 2 most fav bands will be at the same concert to make high temperature in Mukahari Messe, Japan.

According to FNC Music Japan’s tweet, CN Blue will be the opening act for Linkin Park concert in Japan, held on this (Sat.) Sep 10, 2011.

So let’s be seeped in with the charismatic band in “Intuition”


And another show with JongHyun’s Japanese-deep voice in “Lie”


Almost forgot, CN Blue is under label of Warner Music Japan. That’s why they’re gonna appear in LP show as opening act.  lol

Linkin Park will return to Thailand with their powerful concert again.